We offer today: D2, JP54 and D6 direct from the Russian Seller. We also offer Bonny Light direct from NNPC/SHELL. If you are interested, the Minimum Quantity is 2MBbls a month and multiples thereof up to 10MBbls a month CIF. For 14% discount, please contact us at adfasset@gmail.com

ADF Asset and Investmet

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Our team of professionals are in Oil & Gas businesses for 30 years now.

ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd has been established to act as a bridge

and as a negotiator between Buyers and Sellers.

Recently, we have decided to restructure the company. Therefore, we

communicate with each one of our Associates and Partners, and inform

them that we’d like to cancel all previous agreements or Memorandum of

Understandings. From now on, we intend to sign new agreements, based

on actual transactions.

The following documentation is needed in order to proceed with any sort of

transaction in Oil & Gas products: 

-We have established a NETWORK and a direct communication with sellers of

JP54, D2, Jet Fuel A1, D6, BLCO and other petroleum products.

 – What we need from the Buyer’s side is a letter with all data, web, e-mail,

phone mobile and Skype.

-In the written request, we need also payment instrument with proof of funds.

-Required types of the petroleum products, volumes and port of discharge

-Written statement where Buyer accepts and agrees with Seller’s Procedures.


-Mandates will need to submit authorization that they are representing the

Buyer/Seller Company.

-Intermediaries are NOT allowed to be involved in any stage of the negotiation


-Negotiations are been held between Buyers and Sellers, under our auspices.

-Brokers, Agents, Facilitators and Intermediaries will be included in NCNDA/IMFPA

mentioned there if they belong to buyer’s, seller’s or to both sides.

 For any further information, please contact us at:



We aim to develop and promote our products, primarily in the countries involved, through the provision of State of the Art Public and Business Relations in Energy and Property Management via our Team of Professionals and ADF Organization, capable of transferring skills from Centers of Excellency to consumers located in various countries through multiple means of transport and communications.

A Viable Project

Our CONCEPT has already been established with the prospect of being a viable entity for the years to come. Our main task is to transform the ADF Action Plan into an everyday to do list.

ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd is a UK based company focused on Oil & Gas Products with an emphasis on JP54, Jet A1, D2, D6, BLCO, Bitumen, LPG, MAZUT, Methanol, and Property Management, operating from England and Wales, US, Greece, Cyprus, Middle East, and the Gulf Area.     

Our Mission is:

-To serve as a bridge between Buyers and Sellers

To promote the mutual interests for the best possible results

-To achieve financial success


-We always follow some GOLDEN RULES:

*We Help you to Help us!

*All Stakeholders and Global Players need to imply International Standards and Procedures.

http://assetandinvestment.com and ADF Asset & Investment Co Ltd are powered by a vision

where the main ingredients are Professionalism and Passion.

-Our collaborators can become wildly successful, if they follow the steps assigned to them.

-Getting in touch with the Founder is the best way.

Please contact us at adfasset@gmail.com for more information about the Rules and


Andreas Hadjoudes



Global Skype Number: +1 203 446 3585

Skype: andreas.hadjoudes2

ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd

Company number 10293435

Registered Office Address:

Wisteria Grange Bam Pikes End




United Kingdom

Telephone Number and SMS:

+357 99617969


ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd works on a simple formula: The company does not own the assets. The customers or partners assign the management of the assets to ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd. The procedures and the sign agreement may assume some legal obligation to take care of assets on behalf of the customers. ANDREAS HADJOUDES is an Executive Advisor and PR Professional with many years of experience in Business Development and Management. He possesses diplomas in Sociology, Political Science, Media Studies and graduate education in Economics, European and Development Studies. ANDREAS HADJOUDES worked at the Swedish Radio and the European Commission, mostly as a PR man and Event Manager. He is now the Owner and Founder of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd, a company dedicated to assisting BUYERS and SELLERS to connect to each other. For any further information, please contact ANDREAS HADJOUDES, the Founder at: adfasset@gmail.com