Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

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Crude oil extends its slide following a disappointing October.

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Technically, Crude Oil Is Right At The Edge

Nikhil Gupta

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Crude oil extends its slide following a disappointing October.

Technically, a retest of the weekly support trend line is being seen.

Short-term bulls should place a strict stop loss.

At the end of September, I wrote a technical analysis-based article on crude oil (NYSEARCA: USO) titled Crude Oil Could Soar To $80 If This Happens. Fast forward one month, and it seems that the commodity wants to go in the opposite direction in the short term.

In my previous article, I had highlighted that a breakout needs to happen while the momentum lasts. At that time, crude was trading near $48 a barrel and went on to hit a one-year high of $51.93.

I had also commented that:

Getting some big players like Russia on board to a production freeze or a cut could lend serious momentum to the upsurge, and cause the price to pierce the resistance zone of $50-$52.

Instead, what we are hearing now is the news (or rumor) that some nations want to be exempt from any agreement to freeze their production levels, and as a result, the resistance zone of $50-$52 has stood firm. An expected rise in U.S. crude stockpiles is also adding to the misery of oil bulls.

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The bearish developments have forced the smart money to increase their short bets on crude oil (NYSEARCA: OIL).

The rising probability that OPEC will struggle to get the member nations and Russia to come to an agreement, and abide by it is setting the stage for a longer period of lower prices.

I, for one, sometimes find myself overwhelmed with all this noise. Therefore, to see a clearer picture, I go to my technical charts. The technical charts are a representation of what the buyer is willing to pay (or a seller is willing to take) for one barrel of oil considering all the external factors. I then decide if the same level is appropriate for me or not.