BuySellCrudeOil.com has a relatively short history. However, the Founders and collaborators have a global business activity since 1990’s. From Europe to the Gulf Area, from “Russia with Love” to Middle East and from USA to China. The Crude Oil road has many similarities to the Silk Road: It looks like the bridge between the West-European and Far-East Cultures.

We have tried to over-bridged the differences and unified the main characteristics:

The common factors in crude oil businesses have been:

  1. The production
  2. Transportation
  3. Business Information

The Information includes and is NOT limited to the following factors:


*ship Owners



*finding Oil & Gas Wells


The Founder and the owner of ADF Plan is ANDREAS HADJOUDES with a long track record in PR, Business Development, Oil & Gas and Management.

*ADF Plan Online Services being the Executive Advisor in PR and Business Development since 2010.
*Former PR man at the European Commission.
*Reporter and Producer at the Swedish Radio and Radio Stockholm.
*Studied Sociology, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Media, Development, Economy and European Studies.
*Went at the University of Stockholm.

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+1 203 446 3585
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P.O.BOX 45096
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