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The Oil & Gas are very competitive markets. Sellers, Buyers, Shippers, Brokers, Refineries and every stakeholder would like to achieve and receive professional results from their collaborators.

In cooperation with ADF Plan and ADF Asset, has developed an e-infrastructure system to help Buyers, Sellers and other partners to be successful and write contracts in a more efficient way.

With our customer oriented business profile, we help you getting the right decisions, workable action and business plans and more ADDED VALUE to your Investments.

Since 2010, our main objective is in PR & Business Development field. Before that, ANDREAS HADJOUDES was studying at the University of Stockholm and working at the Swedish Radio for several years. From 2000 to 2010, he was collaborating with the European Institutions in Brussels. He was traveling a lot and he is considering to be a Global Citizen, and a MEDIA INFLUENCER in both Europe and USA.

Photo Andreas Hadjoudes