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ADF Asset and Investment

The ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd is a Limited Company registered in UK with the registration number 10293435.


ADF Plan Online Services being the Executive Advisor in PR and Business Development from 2010 to 2016.

The Founder and the owner of the company is ANDREAS HADJOUDES, with a long track record in PR, Business Development and Financial Management. Since 2010, he is an Executive Advisor and before that he was working at the European Commission in Brussels.

ANDREAS HADJOUDES was studying Sociology, Political Science, Media, Development Studies and Economy at the University of Stockholm. He was also studying and working at the Swedish Radio and Radio Stockholm for many years.

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ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd offers asset and investment management services, International Money Transfers, properties for sale and investment, development projects and Investment Opportunities, inclusive and not limited the existing activities of ADF Plan in PR, Business Development, Real Estate, Tourism and Energy, Food, IT and the Automotive Sector. The business activities include Online Products and Services, inclusive web and software development for our customers, associates and partners.

ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd
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On behalf of a person, trust or a company, we act as an agent or a trustee in order to administer and transfer the assets to a beneficial party.

ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd acts as a custodian for estates, trusts, custodial arrangements and stock transfer.


We are now offering many new development projects


ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd works on a simple formula: It doesn’t own the assets. The customers or partners assign the management of the assets to us!


The procedures and the sign agreement may assume some legal obligation to take care of assets on behalf of the customers. Please contact us


You can be a Customer, an Associate or a Partner.

The core task of the establishment of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd is to increase the added value of the properties or any other asset possesses by our collaborators.

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The Customer assign the management of the property or any other asset to ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd. The customer signs an agreement, guaranteeing that he/she is the owner of the property or the asset, and the Company is responsible for the Asset Management.

An Associate is the representative of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd in a specific country or region, signing an agreement (MoU) with the founder.

Partner is a shareholder of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd, signing an agreement with the founder and legal owner of the Company’s share instruments.


An organization, a charity or an existing or newly created company under the auspices of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd can assign the management of any assets with some legal obligation for ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd to take care of the assets on behalf of the company, organization or charity.

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A company, an organization or a charity assigns securities as assets with some legal obligation for ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd to take care of them.


An allocation of shares, determined by type of collaboration and the signed agreement, made yearly by the Founder and Owner of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd.


A Right to be transferred to the shareholders in agreed and certain defined circumstances.

All legal documents are signed by the Solicitors and Law Offices in UK and Cyprus.

All Company Formation procedures are under the responsibility of Legal Entities in UK and Cyprus.



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+357 99617969 (SMS)