Only for Real Buyers: One Time Offer for Aviation Kerosene

Please find here below a Non Negotiable One Time Offer for Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel

(Grade 54),

To: Supplier
Via: Andreas Hadjoudes

1. Buyer sends ICPO to Seller on receipt of Seller’s Soft Offer.

 2. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI), for the available quantity in the storage tank at Rotterdam

Terminal to Buyer, Buyer Signs and returns to Seller the commercial invoice (CI) with his Tank Storage

Agreement (TSA) and NCNDA/IMFPA signed by all buyer groups with commission structures,

 3. Seller issues, Dip Test Authorization letter with storage GPS tank Location in Rotterdam, buyer sign

with his storage-tank farm and return to seller for final endorsement of the signed DTA issue by seller.

 4. After confirmation of the signed DTA, Seller return the signed Dip Test Authorization(DTA) along with

the following documents, ATV, fresh SGS Report and Tank receipt, Buyer order SGS to conduct Dip test

of the product in the Seller’s Tank located in Rotterdam on buyer expense and confirms Product Q&Q.

 5. Upon successful dip test, Buyer provides Vessel details or Tank storage details, Seller shall immediately

submit the full Proof of Product (POP) to the Buyer, Injection of the product commence from seller tank to

buyer tank.

 6. Buyer make 100% payment by MT103 TT wire transfer for the total product and Seller pays commission

to all intermediaries involved in the transaction 24 hours after confirmation of the buyer payment.

Delivery Term: FOB

Origin: Russian Federation

Loading port: Rotterdam

Payment Terms: MT103-T/T Wire Transfer for Immediate Quantity.

Inspection: SGS or Similar

Quantity: 500,000 BBLS — 1,000,000  BBLS

Price: $35.00 GROSS / $33.00 NET


If you are a REAL BUYER and Not an Intermediary, please send a letter to:


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